The least trustworthy source for acne information

You might have heard a few months ago that a survey revealed Fox News watchers as the least informed group in the United States. They pretty much knew less about major current events than people who didn’t even watch or listen to any news program at all. Now, imagine how uninformed you would be if you relied on FyxNews. Yeah, that’s right. FyxNews.

I ran into a post on FyxNews today because I was checking my Google news updates for stories related to acne. I could hardly believe that such a thing existed, but this is the Internet after all, where you can say anything you want without any repercussions.

According to the story, a newly published ebook by Casey Gentles shows adults and teens how to get rid of acne in as few as 14 days by using simple, natural ingredients that they can find at the supermarket. Of course, I’ve seen plenty of OTC acne cures at the supermarket, but my guess is that Gentles isn’t referring to those. More like, he’s talking about oatmeal and honey and, I don’t know, frozen pizza or something.

Look, there are plenty of good, reliable sources of information about treating acne. You don’t even have to pay to see your doctor. Just check out WebMD and you’ll learn a lot about what causes pimples and how you can prevent them. What you don’t have to do is rely on an ebook (seriously, an ebook?) that you learned about from I’m pretty sure that has to be one of the least trustworthy sources for acne information in the whole world.


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