Hey, criminals, hide those scars!

I know I said that I wasn’t going to post anything for the rest of the year, but this story caught my attention and I just had to share. Yesterday, according to the Daily Record, some thug in Edinburgh robbed two elderly people and repeatedly threatened to stab them with his knife. That doesn’t sound like a great story at first, but there’s a good chance that this dummy will get busted because of his serious acne scars.

The robber had serious acne scars that will make him much easier to identify. Imagine how much easier it would be to pick a criminal out of a lineup if you just had to look for the worst acne in the group. This guy had better hope that his victims weren’t wearing their glasses. That’s about the only way he’ll go free.

Here’s a little piece of advice to any criminal with easily identifiable scars (or tattoos or piercings or anything else): wear a mask, you moron. Sure, you look suspicious walking down the street with a mask on, but at least your victims won’t be able to ID you by your pock marks.

Or maybe this guy has the right idea. Maybe his plan was to cultivate a bunch of nasty pustules, let them turn into scars, and then rob an elderly couple on the street. He can then take the money he stole and use it to pay for laser treatments that will get rid of his scars. That way, no one will ever find him.


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