More young people seeking acne treatments

It’s no secret that adults experience acne problems much later in life than they expected when they were teenagers. That’s especially true for women and people who don’t handle stress well. It might come as a surprise, though, to learn that children are getting acne at a younger age. That’s according to a study recently published in the journal Pediatric Dermatology.


There are numerous reasons that this could happen. Diet, stress, and chemicals in the environment, for instance, might be the root cause of younger acne woes. Consider also that girls have been starting puberty at younger ages in recent decades. It’s easy to see a connection between these things. The connection, however, could be an illusion.


If you look closely at the study’s details, you will find that it doesn’t actually make any comment about how young people are when they start to get acne. Instead, it shows that children have been seeking acne treatments at a younger age.


What we see here, therefore, could be the result of acne awareness, not acne breakouts. An 11-year-old in the 1960s might have just dealt with pimples because he didn’t know that he had much of a choice. Today, however, an 11-year-old knows that there are numerous acne treatments that might make those problems go away.


There’s only one problem with this analysis. The study shows that white boys seek help more than any other demographic. That contradicts the commonly accepted assumption that young girls are more self-conscious than their male peers.


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