Do acne sufferers prefer the Epiduo pump?

If you keep up with some of the latest acne products available over the counter, then you might have heard of Epiduo, a treatment that combines benzoyl peroxide and adapalene into a single gel that supposed works better than using the two active ingredients independently. Today, the FDA granted Epiduo the right to sell its treatment in a pump form. Also, according to the press release: a “study shows that acne sufferers prefer pump delivery method for treatment administration.”

I’ve never used Epiduo, so I can’t really say whether the product works well or not. It does contain low concentrations of adapalene and benzoyl peroxide, so I’m inclined to say that it works fairly well as a daily acne treatment. If nothing else, it probably works about as well as Proactiv and other OTC treatments that focus on daily use with low concentrations instead of high doses that typically cause side effects over a few days of use.

According to a survey mentioned in the press release, acne sufferers significantly prefer pump delivery methods over tubes. In fact, it states that “80 percent of patients said they would request the pump over the tube the next time they visit their doctor” (sic) and that “84 percent of patients said they were more likely to leave the Epiduo pump out on the counter.”

Really? I find this kind of hard to believe. I don’t doubt that these are the survey results, but I’d really like to see how the questions were asked. As we all know, you can word surveys to get the results you want.

The thing that really surprised me is that users said they would be more likely to leave the pump out on their counter than the tube of acne cream. Regardless of what container you have, it’s still acne medication, and a lot of people don’t like others know that they use acne treatments at all. But maybe I’m the weird one here. Maybe people really do prefer the pump.

What do you think? What advantages do you think a pump offers over a tube? Do you think that these advantages would really sway you to purchase a pump over a tube?



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