What’s your favoritate acne treatment?

I like to get down to the basics. When I use an acne treatment, I want one that is going to work without causing me any side effects or other annoying problems. What you read on a label, however, isn’t always what you get. Acne treatments that promise to help you avoid side effects often contain as much as 8 percent salicylic acid. That might work well for some people, but not a guy like me. I have sensitive, dry skin that requires a really effective medication.

Quite frankly, I’m getting tired of false promises and painful skin. Then again, I’m also pretty sick of this acne. That’s why I’m wondering what other people have found useful.

Keep in mind that I’m not one of those people who is willing to spend a ton of money on an OTC or prescription medication. I want something that works well without breaking the bank. I’ve found that Proactiv works pretty well for my skin type, but I also feel like it’s just a bit outside of my budget. Perhaps I need to re-prioritize my spending, but I’d rather just find something a little cheaper that works just as well. Unfortunately, products that contain the same active ingredients don’t seem to offer the same relief. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps it has to do with the secondary ingredients.Or maybe someone is just straight up lying.

So, let me know what works well for you. With a little help, maybe we can all find an acne product that is effective and affordable.


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