Ambition makes you look pretty ugly

Acne, it’s not just for teenagers anymore. According to emerging research, women in their mid-20s are now getting much more acne than they did in previous years. Dermatologists think that the boost in acne breakouts likely stems from increased stress at work. Women competing in stressful workplaces often experience hormonal surges that could lead to more breakouts. Stress doesn’t typically affect men as noticeably, at least as far as breakouts go.

Unfortunately, women entering periods of work-related stress are often the same women trying hard to balance their careers with new families. Women in their late 20s and early 30s frequent have to make difficult choices about staying home with the kids, going for a promotion, or trying to have it all. Many choose the last option, which puts tremendous stress on their bodies. It doesn’t take long before that stress emerges in the form of pimples.

Kind of makes you remember the Radiohead lyric: ambition makes you look pretty ugly.

In today’s society, though, what choice do many women have? We no longer have an economy that makes it easy for one person to support an entire family. Even if some women prefer staying home and caring for the kids, they simply don’t have that option. Leaving work would put the family in a difficult financial situation.

It turns out that the acne that adult women get isn’t even the exact same kind as teenagers get. Adult pimples are often form deeper in the skin, which makes them a bit harder to treat and could lead to scarring.


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