Bay Area hottie has serious acne problems

If you have acne, then you almost certainly have some insecurities about your appearance. You’re not alone in your desire to hide your pimply skin from everyone in the world. A Bay Area teenager, however, has taken a big step towards making people feel better about their acne, while also showing them how to hide their blemishes with makeup.

The teenage model is a definite cutie. Her eyes are amazingly blue in the way that you expect to see with really beautiful Siberian huskies. That’s not an insult at all. Have you ever seen those piercing eyes? They’re lovely.

This particular model, however, has some serious acne problems. I’m not talking about a few pimples that make actresses and models get all sentimental about how they were the “ugly girl” in high school (yeah… right). I’m talking about full-blow acne all over her face, shoulders, and neck. If I hadn’t seen the video, I wouldn’t have even believed that it was the same woman.

In the video below, you get to see some expert make-up skills. I’m guessing this is the exact opposite of what Charlize Theron’s make-up artists did when preparing her for the movie Monster. It’s a ten minute video, so get comfortable if you want to learn how to hide your pimples as well as this young lady. Go make some popcorn, grab a beverage, and prepare to have your life changed.

I’m most impressed by this woman’s bravery. She obviously feels insecure about her skin problems, and yet she’s willing to display her imperfections to the world so you can learn to look more attractive.


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