Why you shouldn’t pop pimples

Oh, barf. Don’t watch this video if you have a weak stomach. In it, a guy pops this giant zit on his cheek. It’s slightly amusing, but also really, really gross. It bursts all over this mirror and at one point the reflection kind of makes it look like the pus is in his mouth. Which it isn’t, but still: NASTY.

This one’s more than just a gross out video, though. A week later, dude got a staph infection that made his face swell up really bad. Even one of his eyes was swollen from the infection. It’s the kind of thing that you have to go to the hospital over.

Of course, most people won’t get terrible staph infections from popping pimples. Of course, of course… most pimples aren’t that freaking huge! There are, however, plenty of reasons that you shouldn’t pop.

Popping pimples creates an access point for bacteria. You might not get a staph infection, but you could very easily make your acne worse, not better, when you pop pimples. Acne is caused by bacteria, so you don’t want to create a doorway for them. They will move in, and they will pay rent in blemishes.

Popping pimples can also increase your chances of getting scars. Skin doesn’t like holes. If it gets enough of them, it will just create tough scar tissue that resists further damage. It’s a good idea from the skin’s perspective, but it won’t do anything for your looks. Isn’t that the reason you popped that zit in the first place?


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