Where are my priorities? Dating a girl with acne

I’ve been single for months now. Like most single men in the mid-20s, I spend a lot of time on the prowl, or at least thinking that I’m on the prowl since, if I’m being honest, I usually wuss out instead of approaching women that I find attractive. Yesterday, I had an encounter with a young woman that made me question where I’ve put my priorities and whether I’m a total hypocrite when it comes to dating.

If you’ve ever watched Seinfield, with any regularity, then you’ve probably seen the episode where George goes on a date with a bald woman. He doesn’t know that she’s bald at the time (and he’s recently taken to wearing a toupee), so he’s quite shocked to see her bald head when they go to dinner. He complains to Eileen, who set up the date. And, of course, Eileen points out that HE’S BALD. The double standard becomes immediately obvious. Even more irony: when George goes out with the woman again, this time without his toupee, she rejects him for being bald.

Now, replace baldness with acne and you’ve got a fairly good idea of what happened to me yesterday. I made a date with this woman through a friend of mine. We’d never met, but our mutual friend said we were perfect for each other. When we got together, I was struck by two things: she had an awesome body and she had a face full of zits. The date was mediocre. Not terrible, but not great either. I suspect that it was tempered by my not wanting to date a girl with such a blemished complexion.

Apparently, she was thinking the same thing about me.

How can two people with the same physical problem be so critical of each other without noticing their own hypocrisy? I’m not entirely sure, but it happened. Both of us complained to the mutual friend that we weren’t attracted to people with acne. And the friend, of course, pointed out in true Eileen style “But you HAVE ACNE!”


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