De-stress to de-acne: report number nine

Work is sending me south next week to Atlanta. I haven’t been to Atlanta in nearly a decade. From what I remember, it’s not a great place. It was disgustingly hot and the gridlock was ridiculous. Just thinking about this trip is making me nervous. Although I’m a big fan of travel, I’m much more interested in being in new places than going to them. It was a big step for me to go to Mexico by myself just before I started my new job. I haven’t traveled alone since then.

As far as I know, Atlanta is a great town. My anxiety could be skewing things, making them seem much worse than they actually are. It’s going to test my resolve, though, even though I can see that I’m probably just messing with myself. Given that this is business, though, I don’t have much of a choice.

Given that I’m feeling pretty stressed out at the moment, it’s not surprising that my mental health isn’t as great as it has been. High anxiety often pushes me towards other behaviors that just make things worse. I tend to focus on the negative and avoid realistic solutions that would make me feel better.

I’m hoping that this admission forces me to rethink my approach to handling this situation. I’m not particularly interested in stressing myself out even more.

Looking back over this post, I can only think one thing: man, I really need to go to a yoga class or my face is going to breakout in a serious way from all this stress.

Mental health rating: 7

Acne: 5 (for now)


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