Acne scars could bust thief

Here’s some advice to people living in small towns. Don’t try to rob a bank, especially if you have really bad acne scars that make you easy to identify.

Yesterday, a man robbed a bank in Forsyth County Georgia while holding an air conditioner filter in front of his face. Police say that the man was using the filter to hide his identity. Apparently, the thief had had really bad acne at one point in his life, so he wanted to make sure that no one saw the scars that could help ID him.

Good plan, buddy. Real good plan.

What Dummy didn’t realize was that security cameras aren’t always looking at you from the front. That’s right, smart guy, banks also cameras intentionally so security can see from a variety of angles. The robber, of course, could have chosen to go with something a little more traditional, like a President Nixon mask, that would have covered his entire face. I don’t know. Maybe he couldn’t afford to buy the mask and was afraid that if he got popped stealing at the novelty store then he wouldn’t have a chance to score big at the bank.

Another thing that’s pretty awesome about this guy is that he was wearing one of the ugliest jackets ever. Seriously, how many people could actually own this jacket. He looks like one of those guys that changes tires at NASCAR races. Except, you know, way less stylish.

If you don’t want to stand out, consider looking a little more normal in the future.


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