De-stress to de-acne: report number eight

We had a little fall heat wave here in the South Mid West (it’s always confusing trying to figure out exactly where Metro Louisville is). I don’t like heat. It makes me feel all itchy and it dries out my skin. Plus, who likes to sweat when they’re just sitting there? No this guy.

Other than the increased heat, I’ve had a really great week. I made plans to visit some friends in Atlanta at the end of the month, my work has been a breeze, and my commute keeps getting better. There is even talk of this stupid bridge reopening in the near future. Apparently, some of those cracks have been there since the 70s, so how bad could they be? (Answer: I can’t avoid the convenience of a 15 minute commute, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find the bridge falling out from underneath me one day. Maybe I’ll start keeping an oxygen tank in my car.)

Looking at my face right now, I can’t say that I can see any big improvements since last week. Then again, I can’t say that my skin has gotten any worse either. I consider that a small amount of progress.

I’m still doing yoga a couple times a week. It doesn’t kick my butt as hard as it did when I first started, but I still leave class feeling slightly elated and knowing that I have done something very good for my body and mind.

I’d say that things are pretty much where they were last week. Maybe a slight uptick in mood.

Mental health measurement: 4.5.

Acne measurement: 5.5.



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