Useful acne wiki

Obviously I’m not writing this blog for the money. Browse my archives and I don’t think you’ll find a single ad. That’s probably not the best thing for my bank account, but a no-profit perspective is helpful at making this the kind of blog that actually gives people the information they need about acne.

It’s also why I can share this useful acne wiki without worrying that it will steal my traffic.

I like this site because it offers a wide range of information. It doesn’t focus on specific types of products. Instead, it’s free to investigate anything related to acne, whether it’s natural remedies, OTC treatments, or prescription medications.

The blog manager also seems to update content often. I’m lucky if I manage to type a dozen posts for this little blog. Zimbio, however, sometimes posts five or six articles in a single day. That’s dedication.

It could also have something to do with the presence of advertisements. There’s probably a lot more incentive to post multiple articles a day when you have some income flowing in.

Some of the ads, though, worry me. Don’t get me wrong. I like this site. I think it’s very helpful and, as far as I can tell, offers accurate information related to acne problems and treatments. It bothers me, though, because some of the ads look like scams.

It’s not like this is the only site that has these ads. I think the Weather Channel site might be the worst. It just makes me take pause.

Overall, though, this is a site that you should check out.


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  1. This post was very helpful! I have TERRIBLE ACNE and have been overcoming it for the past year. You can see my acne here:

    If you are ever interested in wiring a blog post on this video and have questions I’m more than happy to answer! thanks for helping out so many readers with your tips!

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