De-stress to de-acne: report number seven

I have to say that the past week has been much more pleasant than the previous one. The cooling weather hasn’t felt so dry, the traffic patterns have become a tad more bearable, and work hasn’t been stressing me out nearly as much. All of those add up to a better life with fewer pimples.

Perhaps most importantly, though, I have started to watch horror movies in preparation of Halloween. I usually wait until October, but it has felt like fall (for once, it usually just goes from ridiculously hot to wickedly cold). I’ve watched a couple of my favorites: American Werewolf in London, Last House on the Left, and the Howling. But I’ve also ventured into some new territory. Not always to great successes. The movie Gore Gore Girls, for instance, was unwatchable. I literally couldn’t get through more than the first half hour. I was initially attracted to it because Gore Gore Girls was one of the first (if not the first) horror movie to receive an NC-17 rating. Hey, it’s a piece of history! I didn’t get a historically awesome movie, though. Instead, I got a transparent lead character with irksome quirks, a serial killer that liked to mush his victims’ faces into pudding (in one scene, he literally removed an eye ball, replaced it, and then removed it again).

Some people might not think of horror movies as relaxing, but I love them. Who would have thought that horror might be the cure to all acne?

Mental health: 3 (that’s good)

Acne rating: 4


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