De-stress to de-acne: report number six

Super stressful week. Not only has the bridge prolonged my daily commute by an hour (that’s one way, so I really lose two hours of my day), but I have been extremely busy at work. Funny, these are the exact reasons that I chose not to move to New York City several years ago. Now if my rent would only jump by a grand or so…

Despite the stress, I have been keeping things together pretty well. Meditation gives me time to gather my thoughts in the morning and evening. I’ve even taken to a mid-day meditation when I’m super-stressed. The only problem is that I have to fight falling asleep.

Also, the yoga has been going well. My muscles feel more limber now than they ever have been. Seeing some of the “pros” in my class intimidated me at first. They’re stretchy beyond what’s reasonable. I’m surprised by how quickly I have been able to reach positions that I thought were impossible just a month ago.

On the acne front: things have been better, but things have been worse, too. I’m enjoying the cool fall weather, but the air is drier now than it was a few weeks ago, which means that my skin has been drier than normal, too. I use a moisturizer when it gets too bad, but I’m not fully convinced that even non-comedogenic products leave your pores as clean as they say. Certainly oil-free moisturizers have some negative effects, right?

What kind of experiences have you had with face moisturizers? Do you think that they cause pimples even when they claim not to?

Mental health measurement: 5.

Acne measurement: 5.5.


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