Honey for pimples

For some reason, I’ve seen a lot of honey acne products recently. They call out to me in stores, they pop up on my computer screen, they drip from unknown sources (no, not really). Supposedly, honey can work wonders for acne.

I have a hard time believing this.

For one thing, honey is really hard to wash off. It seems like the kind of thing that would just get stuck in your pores, not clean them  out. Plus, honey doesn’t really dry. It always seems to stay at the same consistency. I could understand that honey might clean pores if it dried. Then you could extract clogs when you remove the honey mask. But it doesn’t do that. It’s just sticky forever.

Another thing that I was thinking about: doesn’t honey’s sweetness suggest that it has a sugar-like substance in it? It seems to me that honey, then, would not be good for your skin. Can you imagine rubbing a simple syrup on your face, expecting it to cure pimples? It seems about the same to me.

One final reason that I don’t believe honey is helpful. In order to really eradicate acne, you have to kill the bacteria that cause it. Honey isn’t antibacterial. If anything, you could probably use honey to preserve bacteria so that they would last forever. Without antibacterial properties, how could honey get rid of acne?

My guess is that honey is just the hip ingredient right now. I don’t know how these trends get started, but they come and go like the wind. And they seem to have about as much of an effect.


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