A homemade acne mask

OK, so normally I’m really skeptical of home remedies. My grandmother made me choke down too many concoctions when I was a kid, so I feel like I’ve had enough of that business (although the hot toddy was a pretty great way to sooth a sore throat).

Today, though, I ran across a video that actually makes me wonder whether some of these ideas might actually work. In the video, a young woman describes her homemade acne mask. It includes apple cider vinegar, honey, and a ton of sugar.


Now, I’m going to say upfront that I have a couple reservations. The sugar is included because it exfoliates your skin, but come on. Sugar? That seems like an awfully bad thing to rub all over my pores. And honey, I just don’t trust honey masks. I don’t see how they can do anything other than clog pores.

The woman on this video, though, sounds like she knows what she’s talking about. She’s really good at it. Although, I’m having a really hard time placing her accent. Where is she from?

So, I might actually give this a try. She says that you can feel some results immediately but that it takes two weeks before you see the real benefits.

OK, I’ve decided. I’ll give it a try. And I’ll apply it at night. Can you imagine walking around smelling like apple cider vinegar all day. That stuff is nothing but foul! No amount of honey could possibly cover that scent.


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