Aiming a laser at your face

If you have serious acne, then you’re probably willing to try just about any crazy treatment that someone develops. I know that I’ve tried some things that I wouldn’t care to share with the world for fear that I would like a total quack.

So, how would you feel about having a laser beam pointed at your face?

According to researchers at University of Michigan, they have developed a laser than could help tame acne breakouts. The laser was originally developed to zap fat pockets under the skin. They then found that it could alter the way that sebaceous glands function, which could prevent excess oil from blocking pores, which should help end acne problems.

The laser aspect sounds unsettling, but it’s not really a big deal. We use lasers to do all sorts of things these days. Very few of them have enough power to hurt you. This specific laser, for instance, is about as strong as the one in your DVD player. It’s probably not something that you would want to shine directly into your eye for a prolonged period of time, but you can’t exactly pull it out of your DVD player to defend yourself during a zombie apocalypse.

The laser developed at U of M is special because it has the right frequency to travel through fat. Most frequencies stop when they encounter fat. This one doesn’t have any problems. That makes it useful in a number of medical circumstances, including putting an end to acne breakouts.

Now, who’s first in line?


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