Pimple popping leads to arrest

You’d think that if you had a syringe in your pocket (for shooting Oxycontin, no less), that you would refrain from any behaviors that might attract the cops.

Then again, you’re probably not a drug addict in Florida. Unless, of course, you live in Florida. With its relaxed prescription drug oversight, I’m guessing that everyone in Florida has been addicted to pills at least once in their lives, right?

Not everyone is smart enough to steer clear of the law.

Owen Kato, a 23-year-old in Cape Coral, decided that he would take a timeout from his day so that he could pop some back pimples outside of a local McDonald’s. He stood right in front of the entrance going about this disgusting deed. Supposedly, he was asked by several employees and customers to stop what he was doing or at least go do it somewhere else.

But Kato didn’t care. He kept popping.

At least until an off-duty police officer approached him. Kato told the cop that his name was John Smith, then he decided to run away. He hopped in a car and took off.

A nearby officer caught Kato. That’s when he found a syringe in the young man’s pocket.

Way to go, dude. Way to go.

The police charged Kato with several crimes, including possession of drug equipment, supplying police with an inaccurate name, and driving without a license.

Oddly enough, there weren’t any charges for making people lose their lunches. Had Kato just chilled out instead of running away, he never would have gone to jail. At least not at that specific time and place.


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