Is booze the greatest acne cure ever?

People have tried all kinds of crazy concoctions to get rid of acne. According to a post at Daily Mail, a medical journal from the 1700s suggests that teenagers should use wine to curb their breakouts. Before you start bathing in booze, the journal intends drinking the wine, a much more socially acceptable form of treatment that won’t leave you smelling like a subway sot. Side effects include a mild euphoria, grandiose feelings, and trying to perform stunts seen on Jackass.

Modern science tells us that alcohol consumption could actually make skin conditions worse. Mostly because you pass out in the evening before applying your acne treatment, I’m guessing. But this was the 1700s. If you think that people try insane home cures now, just imagine what they had back then. After all, we’re talking about a period in Europe when doctors worried about humors and bile, and thought that leeches were the great panacea of all time.

A quick look at the Daily Mail post, however, forces you to wonder whether this is all made up. There is absolutely no way that the picture is of an 18th century medical journal. It is so obviously Photoshopped. Perhaps someone at the website made the image to accompany the story, but they didn’t credit it that way.

But just look at this. Its like something from a Super Nintendo game.

My personal suggestion: stick with modern science… except for when it tries to sell you poorly made images as if you can’t tell the difference between Photoshop and a real picture.



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