Destress to deacne: an experiment

In light of research showing that there is a connection between stress and acne, I’m going to test my own personal experiences to see whether making changes in my life can impact the number of pimples that I get. I’ve outlined the basic plan below.


  • Instead of lifting weights (which I currently do three times a week), I’m going to do tai chi, which is supposed to help prevent stress.
  • Ten minutes of daily meditation.
  • At least half an hour before bedtime with a book (one of the most relaxing things ever for me).
  • Deep breathing exercises whenever I feel overwhelmed.


Actually trying to count the number of pimples that I have each day would create enough stress to negate any positive effects from the plan described above. That means I’m going to have to rely on subjective measurements. Using a scale of 0 – 10, with zero being no pimples and ten being so many pimples that you can’t even pick your nose without popping a zit, I’ll rank my progress on a weekly basis.

To make it a little more objective, though, I’m going to take a picture of my face and rate it the day after. Hopefully, this will remove any emotional quirks that might prevent me from accurately judging the state of my face. I think it’s only worth doing this once a week since it takes time for all blemishes to heal.


I’ll report my results here. You can also expect plenty of commentary explaining what’s going on with each post. You know, not because I like to spout off or anything. It’s or science!


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