Is there a link between acne and masturbation?

You’ve almost certain heard the warning: masturbation causes acne.

A quick search on Google will show you that there isn’t any scientific evidence to support that claim. A lack of scientific evidence, however, doesn’t mean that the warning isn’t spot on. Just because no one has undertaken a study to discern whether sex or masturbation can lead to increased numbers of pimples doesn’t mean that it doesn’t actually happen.

A little armchair science (you know, when you think about stuff but don’t actually do any hard research, which makes it not really science at all, but stick with me…) will no doubt lead you to this connection, though:

Most people start to “explore their bodies” shortly before or after they enter puberty. During puberty, the human body experiences a rush of hormones that make drastic changes in the body. The increased hormones also cause skin to create more oil, which often leads to pimples.

Ah ha!

For everyone out there who legitimately thinks that masturbation causes zits (and there are plenty of people out there. So many that it’s depressing to me. Then again, they’re probably the same people who believe ridiculous things like you can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex).

It’s a total non-starter. I suppose you could imagine a scenario in which the human body produces more hormones when people masturbate. But it’s hard to necessarily see how that would be such a terrible thing. One might even argue that human evolution and personal development works best that way.


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