A comprehsive list of myths

A huge thanks to Denise DeWitt over at EmpowHER for providing a comprehensive list of acne myths that should help teens and adults make informed choices about how they treat their skin problems.

Here are some of the highlights from DeWitt’s article:

Among some of the most common myths are

  1. Eating certain types of foods (greasy fries, hamburgers, pizza, chocolate, etc) can cause acne. Fact: Nope, there isn’t a proven link between the type of food that you eat and whether you get acne.
  2. People get acne because they have dirty skin. As long as you practice good hygiene, you don’t even have to worry about acne. Fact: It’s hard to believe that this myth is so pervasive. If you believe this, then you have to believe that every pimple you’ve ever had is the result of poor hygiene. That’s a maddening thought for the person scrubbing her face every night without any positive effects. The truth is that acne is caused by bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil. Scrubbing can actually make some of the symptoms worse.
  3. Acne is contagious. Fact: Not even close. You could rub your face against acne all day long without any repercussions. Well, I guess you could potentially clog your pores with dead skin cells and oil from someone else. But that’s taking things a bit too far.
  4. Sexual activity makes acne worse. Fact: Yeah, I wish. Most people start getting pimples at the same time that they become sexually active (in some form or another). Hormones cause both of these things. The sex and the pimples share a common origin, but they do not have any impact on each other.

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