Is a cure for acne possible?

In a recent conversation with my doctor (I was there because of allergies, which have been really terrible this season), I asked him whether he thought that it was possible to develop a true cure for acne. A cure would mean that you take the medication and the acne goes away and does not go away. I suppose a semi-cure would involve some kind of remission. The only products that you can find, however, are treatments, meaning that you have to keep using them for them to have the desired effect.

He confirmed what I had already thought. A cure for acne, in the strictest sense of the word, just isn’t possible. Acne is caused by bacteria that get into your pores. Dead skin cells and sebum play their role too by clogging pores and making an environment that’s hospitable to the bacteria.

A cure, therefore, would have to eliminate one of these factors. Unfortunately, it’s hard to imagine a medication that could possible accomplish that goal.

That’s why maintenance is considered the most effective option for people with acne. Sure, you have to use the medication at least once a day, but some of them can have a pretty dramatic effect. (Of course, some of them also cause pretty bad side effects, especially if you have extremely dry skin like I do.)

There’s always hope, I guess, but I wouldn’t put any money on it. For the foreseeable future, people like me will just have to live with acne and use treatments once or twice a day.



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