Not how I wanted to lose that upper dermis…

What says “happy Fourth of July!” like almost getting shot in the face with professional-grade fireworks?

I’ve long heard that dermatologist used microdermabrassion to promote skin rejuvenation, but I didn’t expect mine to come with fire and the scent of sulfur.

Last night, I went to a farm party, where my friends promised a killer buffet, swimming in a small private lake, and shooting off some awesome fireworks. I couldn’t pass up the invitation, so I drove out to LaGrange, KY where a friend of mine has a family farm.

She was right on all accounts. The lake was cool and refreshing. The food was varied and delicious. We even had margaritas (although mine lacked any margarita mix).

As the sun set, we could see some ominous clouds approaching, so we prepared the fireworks for an extravaganza that would impress everyone from miles around. Seriously, I have no idea how much money they spent on these fireworks. It must have been hundreds of dollars. I would even believe it if they said $1000.

Either way, it got dark really quick and we only had a couple lighters and a flashlight. Me and my boys are out there trying to stabilize these huge rockets without much light.

You can guess what happened next.

A whole box of rockets fell on its side and launched beautiful fire in all directions (except up).

One literally buzzed me.

It was a huge time and I’m so glad that I went. I just didn’t expect to have an impromptu acne cure thrown at me. But hey, fire and sulfur might be the cure that I’ve been searching for.


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