The death of Herman

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a truly disgusting video about someone with a GIGANTIC zit. In this episode of Dude, What is Wrong with You, this guy decides to pop his “pet zit.” It takes more than one try… and he claims that it doesn’t smell so good.

You kind of have to hope that no one ever develops smell-o-vision.

Here’s what I find most disturbing about the video: I don’t think that’s a zit. As someone who has had some big ole pimples, I have never actually experienced anything like that, nor do I think that it will ever happen.

The stickiness worries me to. I think this guy has some kind of infection that could cause some serious health problems. Your typical pimple doesn’t shoot juice all the way across the room. It’s either a) some medical condition other than a pimple, or b) a fake.

Sweet lord, I hope it’s a fake. Maybe this guy is an expert in movie makeup and special effects. That would explain it. Other than that, though, I think he should just go to the hospital to get that thing lanced. No amount of astringent or benzoyl peroxide is going to stop that monster.

What do you think? Is this just a joke, or have you actually seen pimples that get this big. YouTube is full of similar videos, but none of them seem all that believable to me. Perhaps I just don’t want to believe it. I’m like the Dana Scully of pimples. Call it the Zit-Files.


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