I was a teenage vegetarian

I got an email the other day from someone claiming that his acne had disappeared when he quit eating meat. This seemed like  a strange suggestion to me. All that stuff about eating hamburgers, fries, and other greasy foods is just a bunch of bull, right?

Although I was skeptical, I was also curious.

After a couple hours of research, I’ve become at least somewhat convinced that eating meat really can cause acne, or at least cause certain individuals to experience breakouts that are worse than they would be without eating meat.

It’s not actually the meat that causes the flareups, though. It’s something else that we have known for a long time contributes to acne breakouts: hormones. My guess is that the writer wasn’t eating locally raised meat raised in a sustainable way without any hormones. My guess that he used to eat a lot of processed meats that had been raised on factory farms.

Personally, I don’t go near that stuff. I’m not a vegetarian by any means, but the things that industrial agriculture does to animals is just disgusting. I won’t post one of the most disturbing videos that I’ve seen, but I’ll link to it here. Just know that it is very, very disturbing. It actually made me cry. If your a meat eater, plan to either have your opinion changed or to come up with a lot of flimsy excuses when you watch it.

As long as you know that your farmers raise and kill their animals in a respectful, intelligent way, then I don’t think eating meat will lead to acne breakouts. If you’re just sucking down chilly dogs from who knows where, though, you might get what you deserve.


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