Facials make skin look new

OK, so I’m not the kind of guy who gets a facial. Not only do they cost too much money, but they’ve always just seemed kinda dumb.

I’m pretty impressed, though, by the results that my friend Gina got from her facial. Enough so that it’s almost worth considering, except that I’m pretty sure they would toss me out on the street when they saw the number of pimples that I have right now.

When I see Gina last night, she has this fabulous glow about her. I’m thinking maybe she’s pregnant or something, right? I tell her that she looks especially gorgeous, and she tells me that she had just gotten a facial that afternoon. The facial that she got involved a lot of massage and some kind of eucalyptus mask that she said smelled wonderful.

I had never really though much about whether a facial could improve a person’s complexion, but I’m starting to give it more consideration. If someone can clean out their pores with something basic like a eucalyptus mask, imagine what they could get from a mask that has sulfur or salicylic acid in it.

Again, there is the matter of price. No way I’m going to shell out 80 bucks for someone to rub all over my face. That’s just not going to happen. But maybe some of those home masks could work. Even if they only work half as well, they’re worth investigating.

Am I actually considering a trip to Walgreens? I think I am.



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  1. You should try LEROSETT mask for problem skin. It is used in spas and dermatologists offices all over the US and has a 95% success rate in clearing acne. Read more about it here http://www.lerosett.com 🙂

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