Beauty Tips Gone Bad

In the quest for perfect, people will try just about anything to make their skin look better, particularly if you are obsessed with conventional definitions of beauty that praise clear skin, infinitesimally small pores, and the near absence of skin oils.

A recent post on Emergency Beauty Tips caught my because it listed toothpaste as a good way to eliminate pimples overnight. As I read on, I found other things that really irked me. Since this is an acne blog, though, I’ll just stick to the ones that are related to pimples.

Can Toothpaste Eliminate Pimples?

The easiest answer to this question is “sorta, kinda, maybe, but you don’t really want to try it.”

Toothpaste can dry out your pores really quickly. That’s a good thing if your ultimate goal is to get rid of a single pimple. If you have more than one or two, though, using toothpaste as an overnight spot treatment becomes problematic. That’s largely because toothpaste will likely dry out your skin more than you would like it to, which could leave you with dry, painful pores that look even worse than pimples.

The other problem: some toothpastes contain ingredients that can actually feed acne-causing bacteria. You could actually end up making your pimples worse by using the wrong toothpaste.

Skin at Its Oiliest

The Emergency Beauty Tips article makes this statement:

The complexion tends to get oily especially after eating, so prevent your face from becoming oily by applying some powder in the morning and if necessary in the afternoon also.

I have no doubts that using a loose mineral powder can help your skin look less shiny, but where did they get the idea that a person’s “complexion tends to get oily especially after eating.” Has anyone ever experienced this? It just sounds wrong to me because I don’t have any experience of that happening and I don’t see why eating would cause your skin to produce a burst of oil.

Does anyone have any solid information on this?


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