Acne and a Monobrow

If, like me, you’ve struggled with acne for most of your adult life, then you have probably had a few moments (or years) of low self-confidence. Looking different can make you feel terrible. I’m sure it’s bad enough for kids with acne, but it’s even worse in some ways for adults because we’re supposed to have outgrown this problem years ago.

That’s why it’s nice to hear that Sashi, FHM’s sexiest woman in the world, claims to have had acne as a youngster. Oh, and she also had a monobrow.

Does that mean there is hope for all of us out there with bad skin? Maybe that’s what it means. More importantly, though, I think that it says something about people who make fun of others who have minor “defects.”

Sashi, after all, is still the same woman as when she had those problems. The difference isn’t that she outgrew them, but that she did something to alter her appearance. She says that she was overlooked by boys during high school. Well, I’m sure that those guys are kicking themselves pretty hard right now. And why? Because she got her eyebrows waxes (or plucked or something) and started using an acne treatment that worked well for her.

Seriously, that’s all it took to turn her into one of the world’s most beautiful women.

From that perspective, we’re all stupidly guilty of rejecting potential mates for ridiculously petty reasons. I’m not above judgment; I’m sure that I’ve made plenty of women feel bad about themselves because I have made some idiotic comment. Who knows what I’ve missed out on just because I couldn’t see the beauty because of a couple blemishes.


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