Golfer resumes career after giving up prescription acne medication

If you follow golf at all, then you have probably heard the name Christo Greyling. Greyling was somewhat of a wunderkind that looked like nothing could possibly stop his ascent in the world of professional golf. One of his high school friends, Ty Tryon, went pro during their junior year of school, but Greyling decided to take a more traditional approach that would have helped him hone his game for long term success.

Then something of a tragedy occurred. Greyling, although an amazing technical player, lost all of the confidence that had set apart as a legend in the making. When Greyling walked out onto the course, he didn’t have enough confidence to play the game well. Without that confidence, his game was completely shot.

What happened to the young superstar?

He developed depression as a side of effect of using a prescription acne medication. His depression got so bad that Greyling’s coach told him to pack up his clubs and forget about it. He just didn’t seem to have what he needed to compete professionally.

Now that Greyling has stopped taking the medication, he seems more prepared to finally come out of his shell by participating in the US Open, one of the world’s largest opens that helps define which golfers are true pros and which are merely very good players. The 28-year-old doesn’t even look like he has acne anymore. All he had to do was give up the prescription to regain his confidence and make his way towards a professional career.

Here’s hoping that Greyling’s troubles are behind him and that he will perform admirably in this year’s tournament.


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