The new job

The new job has me running full tilt these days. In retrospect, a part of me wishes that I had taken my vacation to just sit around the house and relax. But, nah, I might never have a chance to do that much driving south of the border on my own again, so I’m glad that I did it.

Of course, my acne didn’t clear up by the time that I started the new job. So far, though, I have felt that I really fit in. I’ve felt much less self-conscious. I don’t think I realized before how much it bothered me to work closely with the public every day. Working at a restaurant, you never know who you’re going to encounter: old girlfriends, people who were mean to you in high school, people you were mean to in high school… Every day offers the possibility of an unwanted surprise.

My new job, though, has been mostly about research. I lead tour groups every now and then, but I spend most of my time setting up exhibits and researching materials for upcoming events. It’s nice to earn money as a bookworm for once!

How has all of this activity sitting behind a desk treated my skin. In an odd twist of fate, my pimples have abated some.. It could be because I feel less stressed than I did at the old job. Yes, I spend more time at work now than I did before, and in a sense I am busier than I was at the restaurant, but working at a restaurant is surprisingly stressful. People are demanding and you can’t control every aspect of the meal. That creates a lot of unknown variables that can lead to disaster, which, of course, has a direct impact on how much you get paid.

This is much more laid back. It suits me. I think that I am pretty happy here.


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