Memphis, TN: Stress and Storm

I made it to Memphis last night in a single shot of five hours behind the wheel. More than an hour sooner than my GPS system anticipated. There isn’t much traffic along I-64 and -40 after midnight. You mostly just see truckers rolling through, trying to keep pace with their own insane schedules.

The storms hit me somewhere outside of Nashville, and that was a bit to deal with. My windshield wipers became completely useless for about ten minutes, but I plunged ahead trusting that the darkness ahead of me meant that no one was out there driving with their lights off. I admit that I was sweating in all manner of places during the storm. Adrenaline doesn’t do you much good when you’re driving. More than anything, it causes distractions as you become hyperaware of factors that don’t impact your safety in any significant way. But I made it to Memphis in one piece, knocked on the early -morning door of a friend’s apartment and slept straight on until lunch.

So far, I wouldn’t call this a relaxing trip. Maybe this trip isn’t about relaxation, though. Maybe it’s about adventure. Maybe it’s about taking risks before facing a period of life that promises more stability and tediousness. Am I happy to have found a job that will reward me with interesting problems? Absolutely! My joy, however, has a shadow of apprehension. I wonder if this is what a mid-life crisis feels like. Perhaps this is a quarter-life crisis. Perhaps I am the combination of a middle age man and a teenage boy. That would explain the acne, I guess.


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