Treating Acne with Garlic

According to a post at South Asia Mail (one of the most respected “internet independent weekl[ies],” I’m sure), you can eliminate acne by rubbing garlic juice on your skin once a week. Hey, you only need to let the garlic work its magic for about an hour…

Um, can anyone say “gross.”

I love garlic. I probably eat at least some of it once a day. I put it in eggs; I put it on pizza; I’m throw huge amounts of it in hummus. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to rub garlic juice on my face. My overall goal over here is to feel better about myself by becoming more attractive. Somehow, I don’t think that reeking of raw garlic is going to help me reach that goal.

The site also says that you can reduce the appearance of acne scars by apply a mixture of milk and lemon juice. That’s not as bad as the garlic, but still…

To be fair, the South Asia Mail post also says that natural remedies aren’t as helpful as medical treatments. This is mostly due to the inefficiency of natural remedies. The garlic cure, for instance, could take weeks before it yields any positive results. Some pimple products sold over the counter, however, can virtually eliminate all of your blemishes within the same amount of time.

That’s not to say that all OTC products are terrific. Some are definitely better than others, so you should always read the ingredients before you spend your money on them


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