No win for me or acne at the Derby

I visited the Derby last weekend with hopes of raking in some cash. Since rain was in the forecast, I thought that I would also do some very unscientific tests to determine whether race track mud can prevent acne.

No big surprise here, but a muddy face does not help you get rid of acne. Betting on the ponies also isn’t the best way to make money, unless your some kind of horse whisperer or psychic.

Oddly enough, the morning of the Derby, I went to my neighborhood farmers’ market to pick up some food (and flowers for Mother’s Day). While talking to someone about the approaching rain, she mentioned that she always tells the workers at her flower farm that the rain is good for their hair and skin. I thought about this for a second, and decided that it’s probably just as likely that the in field’s mud would do my skin any favors.

Rain water, after all, isn’t the purest substance in the world. It contains all kinds of problematic chemicals that I’m fairly certain won’t do your skin any favors. I suppose the acid rain might provide some exfoliation, but that’s a painful approach to microderm abrasion. Come on, we’re all advised not to drink rain water prior to filtering, so what would make anyone think that it’s good for the health of skin, hair, or anything else?

You won’t find me frolicking in the rain to get rid of my acne. Quite frankly, I’d rather use a product that contains chemicals that I know about rather than a grab bag of ingredients that falls from the sky.


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