Could mud improve your complexion? Let’s find out…

It’s Derby weekend in Louisville! In keeping with a long-held tradition, we should get plenty of rain tomorrow. I plan on heading to the Down’s early in the morning to post up in a relatively good spot where, you know, you can actually see the horses. I’m a long-time fan of horses in general, so it’s less about the giant in field party than watching some of the best fillies in the world race against each other.

The rain, though, poses a potential research opportunity. Can mud help improve a person’s complexion? I’m not trusting other people at the Down’s. There’s much debauchery to be had in the in field, and the cops pretty much just watch unless someone starts getting violent. I’m taking along a camera to get photos of the whole thing.

My guess is that the Down’s doesn’t have the kind of mud bath that can actually improve a person’s complexion. I think that other mud masks usually contain sulfur. That’s really what helps them get rid of blemishes. Sulfur has been well known for its antibacterial properties for thousands of years (literally).

But I’m going to give it a try anyway. Whenever some drunk dude slings his muddy shirt above his head, I’m going to accept the splatter with a smile. Whenever a topless woman decides to do a belly flop into a mud pit, I’ll take whatever spray comes my  way.

If I wake up on Mother’s Day with a totally clean face, then I’ll have made a discovery worth sharing with the whole world.


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