Could your water cause acne?

In my search for reasons that could explain why I tend to get acne in some places (meaning geographic places, not places on my body), I started to wonder whether water could have anything to do with it. Over the past year and a half, I have spend fair amounts of vacation time in San Diego and Paris. During both of these trips, I saw that my acne cleared up substantially. I had always assumed that it had to do with decreased stress. The assumption was that I found traveling a form of much-needed relaxation, and that this did something to my hormones or skin that discouraged acne.

I did some research, and my city doesn’t have hard water. A lot of people online, though, have posted comments about how they find that they get acne in some geographic places but not so much in others. One woman even started washing her face with tap water. It cleared up her skin, but it seems like a water filter would be much less expensive in the long run.

Since we don’t have hard water in my city, I’ll have to turn to the experiences of other people. Have you ever found that you get more pimples when you stay in a place that has hard water? Or maybe it’s the opposite for you. Maybe you get more pimples when you bath in soft water.

Let me know about your experiences and we’ll get a good consensus that might help us come to some sort of conclusion.


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