No more pizza face for me

After months of searching, I have finally found a job that doesn’t require serving slices of pizza to unruly, and often drunk, customers. Instead, I’ll have the chance to put my degree to use!

A couple months ago, I interviewed for a job working in a nearby museum that has exhibits on all kinds of natural history phenomena. This afternoon I got a the call saying that I’m hired. I start on the first day of June.

I’m not going to say that it’s my dream job, but I’m happy to get it. So many people have struggled to find jobs with some relevance to their degrees. I feel lucky to have one that fits my interests. Trust me, it’s not easy trying to find a job in a field that doesn’t really generate money. Anthropology wouldn’t survive very long if universities and donors pulled their funding. When’s the last time that you heard of someone making their millions off of something that they dug out of the ground (oil and minerals don’t count)?

So, here’s my happy  dilemma. I get to start new work in a place where no one knows me. That means that I can potentially escape the whole pizza face pizza server stigma in favor of a role that offers a little more dignity. The problem, of course, is that I’m excited AND nervous about this upcoming job. And when I get nervous, I tend to break out in more pimples.

Wish me luck. I’m not obsessed about my appearance, but I’d prefer to start my new job with a clean face.


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