Don’t hide those pimples: International Zit Day!

There are acne support groups out there. Seriously. And if your acne makes you feel worthless or depressed or unlovable, then by all means go to one of those support groups, whether it’s in your town or online. If you need the emotional support, then I urge you to take  it.

If you’re tired of feeling bad about your acne, though, then I think it’s time to show it off a bit.

That’s why I’m organizing International Zit Day.

On this day, everyone will keep their concealers hidden away in their medicine cabinets. They will ignore their cans of foundation. They will refuse to use any type of makeup.

Instead, they will show off their pimples as evidence that they are secure in themselves. Blemishes be damned, we’re coming out!

What do I expect from this day? What else would I expect: total revolution. We’re going to change the way that we think about ourselves, each other, and the messages that society uses to make us feel bad about ourselves. We’re going to show the world that acne isn’t something to hide. What, like you’ve never had a zit, Mr. Perfect?

And, hey, you there. The girl slathering an acne treatment on your face. Just because you don’t have acne right now doesn’t mean that you don’t have an acne problem.

That’s why I’m calling on everyone who has benefited from acne treatments to expose themselves for just this one day by painting little dots on their faces.If we all band together, then we can change the way that we think about acne and ourselves.

International Zit Day! More details coming.


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