Cure acne with acid rain… or not

I’m going to go out on a limb here. Consider it a form of desperate insanity because it has been raining nonstop in my town for over a week now. (I heard rumor that there were 15 minutes of sunshine yesterday, but I must have been in the basement when that happened.) Could acid rain help stop acne?

Yeah, I know. The negative consequences wouldn’t outweigh the benefits regardless, but stick with me here for about two minutes.

Acid rain often occurs because of sulfur that accumulates in the clouds. From what I understand, this often happens when energy companies burn coal. The pollution then heads up into the sky, bonds with oxygen materials, and then comes raining down on the world.

Now, we know for a fact that sulfur can help fight acne. It has serious antibacterial properties. Even the Egyptians used sulfur baths to keep their skin healthy. Plus, you can find sulfur it a lot of OTC acne treatments.

Considering that I live in a region of the country that’s somewhat situated between the Midwest and the South, just a few hours drive from Appalachia, I’m wondering if maybe I should just go stand outside sans protection, turn my face to the sky, and hope that acid rain heals my pimples.

Is there a plus side to rampant pollution? That’s pretty doubtful considering that some of the other pollutants will likely clog your pores, thus leading to acne.

Looks like we can’t win when it comes to pollution or acne. I’m heading back to the drawing table for a new plan…


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