Could acne medication cause DVT?

Two parents in England are worried that a prescription acne medication could have contributed to their daughter’s death from DVT. DVT, deep vein thrombosis, is a health problem that can leave you dead. Essentially, DVT is caused by a blood clot.

Just a month before she died, 17-year-old Charlotte Porter visited her general practitioner complaining of a “lumpy leg.” The doctor decided that there wasn’t any caused for alarm, and prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling. Since the young woman was an active member of her high school’s cheerleading team, the doctor might have assumed that her complaint came from a sports injury.

Porter, however, was also taking an acne medication that has been known to increase a woman’s chance of developing blood clots. The drug, Dianette, is a popular acne medication that also works as a pregnancy contraceptive.

On the day that Porter died, she left school early because of pain in her leg. Her mother took her to an emergency treatment center. While the two awaited the results of her blood test, though, the younger Porter fell to the ground. Despite hours of recovery attempts by the facility’s medical staff, her life could not be saved.

This raises the question of whether Dianette contributed to Porter’s death. The exact reason that Porter had developed a blood  clot is unknown. It could have been any number of reasons. The Dianette, however, raises suspicion in the eyes of those who don’t trust prescription medications because they are known to cause such serious side effects.

So far, there isn’t any hard evidence, but it is worth considering the possibility before you take any prescription meds for acne or other minor ailments.


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