Hey, Pizza Face, want an iPod Touch?

Count your pimples like you count your blessings.

Americans with acne problems now have the chance to win a free iPod touch, along with several other goodies, from a UK skin care company called Nelsons. For those of us who have suffered with acne for years, it feels like the first time that we’ve caught a break or been picked for anything other than an insult.

Nelsons is releasing a new product called Pure and Clear. They just need some hapless Americans to conduct some real world research. Really, what do you have to lose. If Pure and Clear works, then you’ll look better than you have in years. If it doesn’t work, you still have a shot to win that iPod. Depending on your level of geekiness, you might prefer the iPod Touch over more dating opportunities.

Personally, I want it all: clear skin and the prize.

To apply, you just send a head shot and some basic information about yourself to challenge@nelsons.net. The first 150 subjects will receive a free month’s supply of Pure and Clear, a bunch of freebies from Nelsons, and an entry to win an iPod Touch.

From a critical standpoint, I don’t think that this marketing scheme will offer much evidence in favor or against Pure and Clear. A month, after all, isn’t very long. Many of the best acne medications take three weeks before they start even showing signs of improvement.

If Nelsons wants to give me a bunch of free schwag, though, I’ll take it. It’s about time that I get to cash in on my minor misfortune.


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