Does your dog get pimples?

Have you ever noticed that humans are the only animals that get acne? Actually, there are a few animals that can get pimples, but they’re rare. For instance, certain hairless Mexican dogs can suffer from acne-like symptoms. Apparently, some twisted researchers have even managed to give acne to mole rats (which are hairless) .

Why is it that you get zits, but your  dog doesn’t. After all, humans are the animals with the ability to fret over such small imperfections. I had a dog when I was a kid that lost a leg- it totally didn’t care. It just rolled on like nothing had happened. Imagine how many people have the ability to do the same thing. We can’t even get over a few pimples.

Some researchers suggest that there is an evolutionary reason behind our pimples. When human beings shed their fur, they did it much too rapidly. This didn’t give the sebaceous glands enough time to evolve in conjunction with the changing fur.

Pimples could possibly be more than just an unfortunate mistake of evolution. They could even serve a purpose.

We know today that acne doesn’t mean someone is dirty or sick. But we still have an urge to avoid people with lots of blemishes. I, who have acne, easily admit that I don’t look healthy to myself. I am, however, very healthy. When it comes to living in the wild, though, every hint helps. It could be that we notice pimples because our brains recognize facial blemishes as signs of disease. Even though acne doesn’t signal serious ailments, other blemishes certainly can. If our ancestors could avoid disease-ridden mating potentials by recognizing facial sores, then they could have gained a slight evolutionary advantage over those who would mate with anything that happened to pass by at the right moment, regardless of what it looked like.

Read more about this at Slate.


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