I’m not putting that on my face, pt. 2

I had some time between shifts today, so I decided to finish my previous post. Here’s part two of my experiences with the home acne remedies mentioned on Become Gorgeous.

Strawberry Leaves

It isn’t easy to find strawberry leaves this early in spring, at least not in southern Indiana. Luckily, I know several farmers in the area, one of whom has a heated greenhouse with a burgeoning strawberry crop. So, these leaves weren’t from completely mature plants. I don’t know that the plant’s maturity would make a difference. Either way, it’s the best that I could find.

According to Become Gorgeous, you just wash the leaves and stick them on your zits. Within ten minutes, you should see results.

15 minutes later, and all I could feel was embarrassment. Strawberry leaves don’t do anything. I’m not surprised considering how poorly the other methods worked.

Jojoba Oil

I have no idea what a jojoba is. Nor do I know where to find its oil. In other words, I had to skip this one.

Rose Hip Seed Oil

I did manage to find some rose hip oil rather easily at an organic grocery. This one is about as easy as you can get. Just put some of the oil on a cotton swab and dab your pimples.

I have to say that this was by far the most pleasant of the home remedies. The oil smells nice and it did create a mild tingle. Maybe that means it’s doing something. Then again, maybe it’s just feeding my acne bacteria… I’ll keep it up for a few days and let you know if any miracles take place.



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