Ouch! That’s one way to eliminate pimples

Many acne problems start at the sebaceous glands. These are the glands that produce oil. If you have oily skin, then you probably hate your sebaceous glands more than people with average skin can imagine. But do you have enough hate to kill them?

Apparently that’s one way to “cure” acne. A doctor in Hawaii has suggested (and he isn’t alone) that using high doses of photodynamic therapy (PDT) could make acne a thing of the past. In case you don’t know, PDT uses light to treat acne. Someone even developed an iPhone app that’s supposed to replicate the effects of light used by dermatologists, although I’m not buying it.

People with oily skin almost certainly will see positive results from zapping their sebaceous glands with strong light, but at what cost?

Those glands might cause you problems right now, but they could actually improve your appearance in the future. Without good sebaceous glands, you would experience premature wrinkles, not to mention dry skin.Dry skin can actually cause just as many problems as oily skin, especially when dead skin cells are allowed to clog pores.

Want to hear more about this miracle treatment?

It can also cause serious pain. It takes a lot of time. And it costs a lot of money.

Who signs up for this? I’m guessing people only use aggressive PDT when they have run out of options. Dermatologists say that this therapy works better than oral retinoids. It’s just hard for me to imagine going through all of that for clearer skin. The risks seem way too high. I’d rather just keep using an OTC treatment for the next decade.


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