Another kind of adult “pimple”

I’ll start by saying that I don’t bring this up because of my own personal experience, but rather from a friend who had a bit of an STD scare lately.

No, really, it’s not me. I promise.

A few nights ago, a friend of mine leans in close and mentions that he has several bright red pimples in his pubic area. (Yeah, he’d had a few drinks at this point. Unfortunately, I was totally sober.) He wanted to know if I had ever had a similar experience.

I guess he came to me thinking that I might have body acne because I’ve struggled with facial acne for some many years. I had to tell the poor guy that I had never had a similar experience and that he’d better get himself checked out.

Turns out that he was OK. As he explained to me this morning, the doctor looked at him like he was a moron for coming in for what turned out to be… razor burn. Apparently  he had decided to do a little manscaping. In the process, he caused some irritation down there that got expressed as little red bumps. He said that it itched like crazy.

I had to ask him why he hadn’t suspected a connection between shaving and the sudden appearance of these bumps. I would have been looking at him like he’s a moron if he’d been with me rather than on the phone.

He explained that he had just started seeing some girl and that the whole shaving thing was her idea. When he saw the bumps, he didn’t know if he’d gotten them from his new relationship or the razor.

Pretty funny. Apparently several people have had similar experiences.


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