Another thing I’m not buying

I think that there are several effective ways to treat acne. There isn’t, however, a single option  that will work for every single person in the world. That’s why some people find that OTC products such as Proactive work well for them, while others find that they don’t see any real benefits when they use them.

Recently, Zion Health, a company that produces a relatively new acne treatment product that caters to the all natural crowd, has claimed that Proactive and similar products don’t work because bacteria are becoming resistant to benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

As someone who spent years (so, so many years) studying evolution, I think that they have a fairly good point here. When you use a chemical to kill an organism, you manage to eliminate all of them except for the very strongest. Those survivors can then reproduce, making the next generation resistant to the initial treatment.

So, I can see that they have a point here. I haven’t studied the specific effects of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, but I get the idea.

What strikes me as odd, though, is that they follow this up by promoting their own acne treatment. It’s a clay that’s supposedly based on an old Native American remedy for cuts and burns. Here’s the thing: a responsible approach is to limit treatments so that bacteria do not get stronger. This makes it possible to kill them when they become especially problematic. Simply using another substance, however, just leads you down a different version of the same path.

I make no claims about the effectiveness of Zion Health’s product, but I can almost guarantee that it doesn’t work better than Proactive and similar OTC treatments.


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