Here we go again

I love it when fresh snow falls. Then it gets trampled by feet, paws, and wheels, creating a substance that I’m ok with but can’t see as beautiful in any way. Then it gets warm for a day or two and you have slush. I can’t stand slush. It’s the worst. A slushy road means that I’ll be giving my dog a bath every other day and compulsively wiping my boats but still managing to track muddy water into the house.

Yesterday, the slush finally started to disappear. It felt like an early spring day and I had the urge to dig up some ground for this year’s garden. I had to remind myself that it’s still January.

And now it’s started all over again. I woke up to three inches of snow and growing.

At least I get to stay inside for pretty much the whole day. The newly fallen snow is nice to look at, but I’ve  gotten quite sick of the cold.

Anyone with dry skin and acne can tell you that cold wind causes a rather uncomfortable sensation. Imagine having chapped skin with some irritated sores. Yeah, that’s pretty much what it feels like at this time of the year.

And it looks like I’ve run out of non-comedogenic lotion for my face. It’s the only thing that’s going to stop the itching and burning. So it looks like I actually do have to head out of the  house for a few minutes. Once I get back from the drug store, though, I’m gonna sit down and read until its dark. A good winter day.


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