Mike Piazza’s back acne… thanks for that mental image

Former-New York Times writer Murray Chase has made abundant claims that baseball player Mike Piazza was on the juice prior to MLB’s steroid ban. His proof? Back acne. Chase claims that Piazza had a fairly evil case of back acne until MLB authorities implemented the ban in a serious way. That could only mean one thing: steroids.

Acne is a commonly known side effect of steroid use, but its insult to logic and Piazza to use his acne as sole evidence of using steroids. Chase says that he feels comfortable with this level of evidence because Congress used it when they went all crazy on steroid use in MLB. Wake up, Chase. Someone’s past mistake does not make your current mistake smart. Congress wasted lots of time and money bantering with professional baseball players. In fact, members of Congress spent more time talking about steroid use in MLB than they did talking about the economy, the war, or health care.

And yet Chase seems to think that this line of reasoning makes some sort of sense. If I were Chase, I’d cite Congress’s stupidity regarding this subject as a reason to not accuse someone of steroid use just because they have some acne.

Does that mean Piazza never used steroids? I don’t know what the guy has put into his body. What I do know, however, is that you can’t use one  flimsy piece of evidence to support an accusation of illegal drug use.

If you doubt my appraisal of the situation, then see Jonny 5’s comment on this post at Hard Ball Talk. It “proves” that Chase smokes crack just as well as acne proves that Piazza uses steroids.


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