Can you stop the aging effects of acne treatments?

There are plenty of acne treatments out there that don’t cause dry skin. This post is not aimed at people who use those products.

Other products, however, contain harsh chemicals that can dry out your skin quickly, which, some believe, leads to premature aging. If you have experienced an excess of wrinkles, dry skin, and other signs of aging, is it really possible to use face exercises to counter the negative effects of those treatments?

Some experts (I’m using the term really  loosely here) believe that it’s possible to prevent signs of aging by performing specific types of facial exercises. You can find one of the most entertaining options in the YouTube video below. Supposedly, these exercises work by increasing blood flow to the face’s muscles and skin. As you nourish the area with more oxygen, you help prevent the development of wrinkles.

I don’t think that doing these exercises will cause any harm. Maybe they will even benefit you. The muscles in your face, after all, are good for lots of things, primarily communication. Improving the tone of your muscles, therefore, could make you a better communicator.

Will it prevent wrinkles, though? I have my doubts. It’s my understanding that wrinkles are often caused by collagen loss, not flabby muscles. Of course, I’m not an expert either. This is just my guess.

If you have any experiences using these “face lift” techniques, then I’d love to hear about the results. If you teach these techniques, maybe you have a better explanation of how they work. Or maybe you’re a doctor who thinks that this is a bunch of crap. Either way, I’m interested to know the truth because there are a lot of adult acne sufferers out there worried about premature aging.


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